Ethnic leaders dismayed by experts’ dismissal Lt-Col (ret) U Thaung, Minister of Science and Technology Ethnic leaders dismayed by experts’ dismissal Ethnic ceasefire leaders say they are disappointed with “blanket rej 租房子ection” by Burma experts about the ruling military leaders’ nuclear aims. 4 December 2008 “Maybe we don’t know what to look for,” admitted a Shan ceasefire o 買屋fficer to SHAN. “But our reports about the generals’ ambition to possess nuclear bombs were nothing less than the truth.” He pointed out to earlier reports about the junt 代償a’s planned move to Naypyitaw a year before its official announcement to transfer the capital there in late 2005. “Nobody believed us then,” he recalled. “But then it came like a bombshell. Th 室內裝潢e next time it’s going to be a nuclear one, if they choose to keep ignoring our reports.”One of his arguments is the junta leaders’ rejection of the ceasefire groups’ recommendation, during the 2004-07 Constituti 室內裝潢onal Convention, that the nuclear programme be placed under the Energy Sector instead of the Defense Sector in the draft charter. “We explained that putting it under the defense sector would be contrary to our long-standing ARMANI claim that we wanted to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes,” he said. “But the generals merely shrugged it off.” “Isn’t it enough evidence of what they are aiming for?” he asked rhetorically. Under the Union Defense and Se 婚禮顧問curity Sector (P.181) in the newly approved Burma’s constitution is (d) Atomic energy, nuclear fuel and radiation and mineral resources essential to its production, whereas its Energy, Electricity, Mining and Forestry Sector (P.183) says nothing about it. T 酒店工作he nuclear programme, according to sources, is being headed by Lt-Col (ret) U Thaung, Minister of Science and Technology, who has his office at Maha Myaing camp, Thabeikkyin township, north of Mandalay. “About 20 foreigners are often seen there,” said a trader, a long-tim 西服e SHAN source. “Please ask the experts to tell us what they need to know (to confirm the existence of the nuclear programme) instead of brushing our reports aside,” he concluded. “And we will get it for them.” 烤肉missal  .
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